From using natural and quality ingredients to cooking fresh on site,
Chopstix is dedicated to offering you a great meal.



Our ingredients

At Chopstix, we care about our customers’ health.

That’s why; all our food is made with natural ingredients delivering you a fresh and delicious meal.

We only use chicken breasts that are sourced from reliable and quality assured suppliers which in return allows us to prepare succulent chicken dishes, such as our famous Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Our chicken breasts are not only provided by assured suppliers but are also Halal certified making our offer available to our diverse and multicultural society. Our vegetables are delivered fresh every day, packing with nutrients, adding a healthy punch to your Chopstix meal.


Our cooking

To do both you and our food justice, our amazing chefs make sure each dish is prepared fresh each day to deliver you the best Chopstix experience. From hand-slicing chicken breasts and vegetables on site to facing the sizzling woks every day,

Our Chopstix chefs make sure your food is fresh, hot and of course delicious! We do not like wasting food either so we cook “little and often” which keeps our food fresh and hot throughout the day.

In addition, Chopstix’s chefs cook the food on site making sure that each dish is served as fresh as possible and delivering some “chef theatre”. Chopstix Noodle Bar offers a contemporary oriental dining experience, highlighted by inspired cuisine and impeccable service.

Our quality

To assure our food stays fresh we cook regularly throughout the day to avoid any stale food. Nothing is worse than hard and chewy noodles!

In addition to using fresh ingredients, we do not add MSG to our food. MSG has been traditionally linked to Oriental food and is associated to being an addictive component and flavour enhancer. We do not believe in tricking our guests and are proud of the dishes we produce. Our food is already tasty and doesn’t need these additives!