What do I need?

Running a restaurant is not easy and requires a diverse set of skills, a financial investment alone does not run a successful Chopstix Noodle Bar. Yes you do need to have all your finances and in place and have a site available for the Chopstix Noodle Bar, but you also need other essential skills.

Leadership Skills

You will run a team of chefs and sales assistants that require strong leadership skills in quality, customer service, operations, food preparation, hygiene, health & safety. You will set and maintain the high standards of running a Chopstix Noodle Bar delivering our brand values every day.

Communication & People Skills

It’s all about people, process and profit; successful Chopstix Noodle Bars deliver customer delight through your dedicated team with everyone as Chopstix Brand Ambassadors.

Commercial & Operational Skills

You need to be familiar with the different operation aspects of running a restaurant and also have tight control of your restaurant’s financial performance. How and why does it change and what do you do to change, what effects your trade; weather, local events, annual holidays all have an impact on your business.


Experience in the quick-service restaurant industry and or entrepreneurial experience is a pre-requisite for your Franchise application. You are able to demonstrate leadership, communication skills and also a commercial understanding of business operations.